I like to post my business on social media sometimes. These days, with so few opportunities for connection to the outside world, posting seems like one of few ways to keep my friends and family in the loop. Of course, there’s always phone calls and zoom wine dates. I suppose without in person one-on-one, it’s hard to feel satisfied, so I find myself reaching out more in every way, including facebook. And yeah, I take photos of my food.

I was having a particularly lonely morning a couple of weeks ago. I needed something special and comforting, so I made myself a matcha latte with vanilla almond milk. I’ll tell you my recipe in another post. Of course, I had to document my achievement and share it with the world. What a lovely, soft, creamy (green!) beverage. I added the text: “I’m having a hard time finding things to look forward to these days.” It was true, and especially that morning. (I got a “me too” reply from a friend. It was a comfort to know I wasn’t alone in my feelings.)

I created something to look forward to, however, in that frothy, sweet, grassy goodness, in my oversized “Hello, beautiful” mug that was a gift from my fiancĂ©. Everything in that mug feels special. You just can’t beat a gift that carries warm deliciousness to the body in a vessel that also delivers a thoughtful message.

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