I like to post my business on social media sometimes. These days, with so few opportunities for connection to the outside world, posting seems like one of few ways to keep my friends and family in the loop. Of course, there’s always phone calls and zoom wine dates. I suppose without in person one-on-one, it’s hard to feel satisfied, so I find myself reaching out more in every way, including facebook. And yeah, I take photos of my food.

I was having a particularly lonely morning a couple of weeks ago. I needed something special and comforting, so I made myself a matcha latte with vanilla almond milk. I’ll tell you my recipe in another post. Of course, I had to document my achievement and share it with the world. What a lovely, soft, creamy (green!) beverage. I added the text: “I’m having a hard time finding things to look forward to these days.” It was true, and especially that morning. (I got a “me too” reply from a friend. It was a comfort to know I wasn’t alone in my feelings.)

I created something to look forward to, however, in that frothy, sweet, grassy goodness, in my oversized “Hello, beautiful” mug that was a gift from my fiancé. Everything in that mug feels special. You just can’t beat a gift that carries warm deliciousness to the body in a vessel that also delivers a thoughtful message.



The world is feeling like a strange place these days. In a matter of weeks, life outside our home went from an experience of freedom, exploration, and broader connection with society at large to one of anxiety, rigidity, and disappointment.

I have had to tell my daughter that she has to stay away from her friends. They can play “together”, but they can’t play together. This saddens me. How will all of this affect the way she views the world and other people as she continues to grow?

While I fully understand the importance of covering our faces while we’re out and about, I have to admit that I’ve been resistant to it myself. I’m the type of person that smiles at anyone I make eye contact with me (unless I’m feeling shitty), and not seeing faces in public is difficult. I can usually tell if someone is looking my way, but at times it’s hard to read a face that is masked. I passed a woman on the street the other day, and I smiled at her. As soon as she was past me, she turned around and said, “You can’t tell, but I’m smiling at you, too!”

I can’t wait to see faces again.

I strive to be a minimalist, so I’ve been wondering how I can comply with the face covering requirements and not accumulate a bunch of stuff that I will just have to throw out or donate in a few months. Will we even be able to donate face masks? Will it just be more trash in the landfill? What are people going to do with all of these when they’re done with them?

I’ve decided that good solution for myself is something multipurpose that I can wear as a face covering when necessary, or a headband, or a neck warmer in the colder Colorado months. Something I probably won’t just throw away by the end of the year, especially if I design/decorate it myself. I’m still playing with design ideas for just this application, and here is what I’ve got so far.



Life without them? Just boring.

Cats are the inspiration for many of my pieces. We have three at home. Edgar and Raven are our two black domestic long hair buddies from the same litter. They will be three this August! Gus, AKA The Snuggle Warrior, is our domestic long hair tabby boy. He is a little lion kitty.

All three of them are beautiful and ridiculous.

Check out my cat-inspired debut collection: Single Line Cats. 🙂

Not Trump 2020

NOT Trump 2020

You can make a difference! VOTE!
Are you registered? Find out at USA.GOV, where you can update your registration and find answers to your voting-related questions.


I’m not usually one to go anywhere near politics in a discussion. I’m not affiliated with a party, and I’m open to considering any reasonable candidate. I’ve heard a lot about how folks will just vote for anyone in order to get Trump out of the office. Because of our two-party system, the only opponent with a chance would have to come from the Democratic party. It seems the contender has been decided.

I imagined a whole slew of ‘Joe’ puns that would look funny or neat on a tee shirt. This is the first design I came up with.

Don’t come after me. I respect you regardless of your vote.